IBM Cognos Audit

Cognos Audit is a lifesaver for the Cognos Administrators all over the world. IBM Cognos software provides a sample model and multiple reports. Cognos Audit is very handy to track different operations being performed in the Cognos environment. A separate database called Audit DB will have to be created for storing this information. This is typical Cognos Administration work.

Here is the complete documentation for Cognos Audit configuration:

Video tutorial for Cognos Audit:

List of tables that get created once Cognos Audit is configured:

COGIPF_ACTION : Stores information about the operation performed on an object.
COGIPF_USERLOGON : Stores user logon (including log off) information
COGIPF_NATIVEQUERY : Stores information about third-party queries to Cognos components
COGIPF_PARAMETER : Stores custom information logged by a component
COGIPF_RUNJOB : Stores information about job requests
COGIPF_RUNJOBSTEP : Stores information about job request steps
COGIPF_RUNREPORT : Stores information about report executions
COGIPF_VIEWREPORT : Stores information about report view requests
COGIPF_SYSPROPS : Stores version information about the schema for upgrade purposes
COGIPF_EDITQUERY: Stores information about query runs
COGIPF_AGENTBUILD: Stores information about agent mail delivery
COGIPF_AGENTRUN: Stores information about agent activity including tasks and delivery
COGIPF_THRESHOLD _VIOLATIONS : Stores information about threshold violations for system metrics


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